BBL Asset Management Company Limited (BBLAM) is a broadly-diversified investment management company committed to offering investors superior performance. Founded in March 1992, the firm is affiliated with Bangkok Bank, which holds 75% of BBLAM’s shares. The company’s fund asset value under management is approximately 808,705 million baht or 24 billion USD as of 31 July 2017.

BBLAM believes that active management delivers the best returns in the long run. Our investment process is key to achieving superior performances while aiming not to compromise short term results with unnecessary risks. We use a fundamental bottom-up stock selection approach to create a high conviction portfolio that is the key essential to our alpha generation. At BBLAM, in addition to the solid investment process the company also believes that our experienced professionals with solid background in the Thai capital markets with be the best navigator for the fund’s investor in the long term.